Fall Break Social Justice Trip 2019


The Freedom Rides trip made me realize that what I want to do in life is bigger than me, and I would like to make an impact that will not only benefit me, but the people around me and furthermore the people who look like me. I learned the importance of stepping out of yourself for a greater purpose and the sacrifice that it will take along the way to get there.”

dAY 1:

Students and community members left Fredricksburg to head to their first destination, Greensboro, North Carolina. 

After exploring the rich history of the area the group headed to Atlanta, Georgia to rest for the next day.

Day 2:

First stop of the day was in Anniston, Alabama, soon after the bus headed to Birmingham where they had the opportunity to learn more as well as rest and discuss before the last day of the trip. 

Day 3:

The trip ended in Atlanta, with stops at the King Center for Nonviolent Social Change, Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthplace and Ebenezer Baptist Church, where King met with Freedom Riders.

My eyes are now wide open to the injustice and the still gaping wound our nation is recovering from after years of abuse toward people of color. This trip has created a sizeable impact on my life. I have gained so much knowledge that has lit a fire in my soul, a fire that I want to spread on this campus and in the community.”

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This journey was something that I, a sophomore studying biology in the hopes of attending medical school, will never ever forget. I will remember the bus rides. I will remember the museums.  I will remember the stories.  I will remember my tears.  Let it be known that I was not born here in the United States of America.  I was born on the small island country of Jamaica…This trip helped me fill in some of the many gaps in my knowledge of black history, American history, and more specifically, black history in America.”

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While originally this was more of a trip to see how the story was portrayed, it became much more than that…Experiencing the discussions on the bus and the emotional impact this trip had on all participants—I was moved by the emotion displayed by my traveling companions who said, “I remember that or I lived through that…To understand how all these brave men, women, children stood in the face of complete and utter evil.”

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